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Let us introduce ourselves.

Our Company

9Dash9 specializes in the deployment of hosted PBX technology for organizations small and large.

Our tech-sys integration provides businesses with engineered deployments, and maintenance of  all size builds of various difficulties.

We are able to deploy DOOZY™ nationwide and globally with our extensive carrier relations. Our experience and solutions make us a key provider for businesses looking to upgrade while reducing monthly recurring costs.

We view our clients as partners. 9Dash9 looks for ways to help grow your business through innovative and flexible integrations of our platform. We love saying “We can do that.”. Sometimes this is just reducing your communication cost to free up additional capital to grow your business. You need to be able to “know” you communications can keep up or pull back at your convenience. DOOZY™  will prove to be as flexible as you need it to be.

Go ahead! Give us a try and unchain yourself from the old communications restraints and costs.

Strategy Insight

Strategy Insight

In these new times our strategy had to change just like everybody else’s.

In order to succeed in these new times most business will need to focus on Agility and the ability to adapt to unexpected, doubtful, or even turbulent surroundings. Today’s requirements are to have an unmarried system with all moving parts right in front of you. Like a mobile military HQ – businesses require a space that can oversee and view of all the actions and components from one unchained portal . A cloud-based system that combines All of your communication needs into one easy to use dashboard will allow companies and it’s executives to make the changes they require with little effort. Therefore making it possible for the teams to have communication without interruption.

No man left behind – Is the expectation all employees want to feel is the mandate. Many didn’t get that treatment during the recent pandemic situation. They had been asked to conduct business on their personal devices or even worse, weren’t able to do their jobs simply because communications broke down.

As companies plan for the new normal,   this is a superb time to rethink the approach.

Our Staffs Focus

Our Staffs Focus

Our Staffs Focus is a simple one. Help get our products into the hands of those that need it. Listen to the customers needs and exceed them. These are new times and we can still be profitable and caring at the same time. Our staff need to focus on helping businesses get back into their comfort zone. A lot of this has to do with being flexible on traditional setup fees and NRC’s which may prohibit many businesses from making the change over to something they know they need.
We really are focused on this. We all need to work together to keep our economy moving forward.
9dash9 Vision

9dash9 Vision

Our Vision is one that has changed in the recent past. Before, we knew we had a great product that would benefit any business. We felt the times where upon us for people to let go of traditional communications and move towards a more liberating cloud based environment. We did not realize how true this actually was. When COVID-19 came about we stepped up and helped many of our customers transition into a “stay at home environment” at the same time we where trying to do the same. We became a lot closer to our customers as this occurred, one customer after another. Some our our customers where affected worse than others and we began to here the stories of those being directly affected in major hot spots. It was at this point that the new vision began to form.
We are all going to have to do our part. We will strive to offer a good service at a fair price. We will be fair and be flexible where we can. when we come out the other side of this new normal, we may all be a bit for the better. Hopefully the “new normal” brings out the best of us all.

A Cloud Based PBX should allow customers to be flexible and agile in a world of uncertainty. We do so.”

9dash9, CEO.

9DASH9. Inside Out.

With over 50 years of telecom and call center experience. The team at 9dash9 come to know what customers and situations require in order to be successful in a space. What sets us apart is the ability to tailor out customers experience and allow the customer to feel they are important. The boutique ideology is one that will be what sets us apart from the larger competitors.

It is our pleasure and honor to serve our customers. We understand that when a company makes the decision to take on a new communications platform, it is a partnership that is as important  as the product they sell. We will offer new products and look for ways to make your business more successful along the way. We will look to benefit our customers from start to finish.

What Compliance looks like

Your compliance overview

9dash9 safeguards the security and compliance of mission-critical communications for our clients. Our hosted Cloud solutions are certified as compliant with the standards

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