Bringing services to our customers that save them money and get more done. 


Our small business services will make your communications experience easier and more manageable. The best part is we can do it for less!

Our enterprise services make managing multi locations feel like a walk in the park.


Start using DOOZY Today

DOOZY™’s highly scalable UC software solution makes it easy for you to run an end-to-end business telephone experience to any user, regardless of your size or location. Using 9DASH9’s sleek user interface, you’ll get a full suite of PBX features and functionality, in addition to a fully-fledged UCaaS solution.


Choosing DOOZY™  Cloud Performance makes the most sense for most businesses because:

  • Short turn-up times mean less human resources wasted
  • No need to worry about servers or data centers
  • Significant cost savings/ reduced upfront cost
  • Minimal technical knowledge needed
  • Flexible technology that scales to your businesses demand
  • Zero Downtime and no need to plan cut-over times

The Nitty Gritty

All the features and functionality everyday call centers need plus the capability to create a completely custom solution quickly and seamlessly – All for YOU

  • Skill Based Call Routing
  • Quality Monitoring & Management
  • Call Recording
  • Dynamic Caller Intelligence
  • Amplified Reporting & Analytics

And More


Call Center Highlights

  • Get advanced provisioning and just plug your devices in and let our provisioning servers do the rest. Have all your Network and BLF settings pushed onto any one of our many supported devices any time with no hands required. Great for deploying remote locations or work at home agents
  • Geo-redundant with fail-over. Our Active Active environment means your data is always protected
  • Store all your import data for your compliance needs in Amazon AWS storage facilities and keep them as long as you like
  • Customizable and extremely flexible call flows and ring groups
  • Bring your own devices* or take advantage of our premium lease rates
  • Competitive business telephony features for UCAAS & CCAAS. Bring your business in to this century.
  • Intuitive, easy to use management portal makes handling changes easy and most importantly ,Stress Free

Modernizing the Cloud Call Center Experience

DOOZY™’s flexible cloud call center solution elevates the call center experience by providing end users with an intuitive and seamless call center experience.  It’s not just another call center solution — it’s a sophisticated, highly flexible solution that offers SMBs a powerful experience rivaling leading industry solutions.  Built natively into 9DASH9, Call Center not only tackles the everyday features and functionality every call centers need such as dashboards, quality monitoring/management, skill based routing, eavesdrop/whisper/barge, etc., but it also offers resiliency that surpasses the competition. Paired with 9DASH9’s existing advanced UCaaS/CPaaS APIs, call center optimization can be reached in each and every business, because each can create a customized call center experience. 

Provisioning Made Simple for Countless Devices

9Dash9 has an innovative suite of provisioning tools that make provisioning easy and are compatible with an extensive list of devices from Polycom, Yealink, Cisco, Grandstream, Obihai, and more.

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