9dash9 Starter Package

We have lifted the 5 seat minimum and no more commitment

Get 2 User extensions and all the trimmings with our


What You Get

You can choose to include one of the following devices when you order.


Callthru App – This will give your Smartphone the ability to make & receive calls displaying your company caller ID and all features of a device on the platform. (No data consumption or Wi-Fi needed.)

PC Dial Softphone – Use this to field your calls on your laptop or PC

Physical device – we support instant provisioning on over 100 devices, Eg: Yealink, Poly, Cisco

**5 Extension/Seat Minimum lifted for this package


Included are 2 Extensions with the following attributes**

      • One device per extension (hardware sold separately)
      • Unlimited Canada/USA Fair usage*
      • Direct Phone Number (1 per Account)
      • e911 Setup (main number only)
      • 3 x Voicemail to Email (mainVM, plus one for each user if required)
      • Call Reporting
      • Ring Group (up to 5  per account) So you can make sure your calls go to the right extensions
      • 1 Fax number (can be moved anywhere on the platform if you don’t need faxing.)
      • 1 Conference number (can be moved anywhere on the platform if you don’t need conferencing.)
      • text to speech engine to make your main recording Auto Attendant changeable anytime!
      • A guided hand to initially ensure you have the best incoming call handling
      • We will include your porting of your numbers for up to 5 numbers


*Unlimited refers to a fair use scenario. If abuse is detected a fee of .04CAD will be charged per minute. This is a prepaid service to be billed on the start date of the contract. As part of our Covid Care Program, The first monthly Fee is being waived and a discounted Setup fee equal to regular monthly fees will be applied.

No additional devices are needed

Doozy works great with your existing mobile phone!

There’s no need to buy any additional phones or equipment unless you want to.

Each user can have multiple devices like a desk phone, for when you are at your desk, a common area or POS location. When you are away from your post, it will also ring your cellphone. The great part is, you don’t even need to try to figure out if it’s a work call that is coming in or if it is a personal call, because we will announce when you answer your calls  that it is a work call. If you don’t want to take it then just hang up and it will go to the next leg in your user or group setup.

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With this fantastic new plan, we have eliminated having to negotiate how many users, phone numbers, voicemails, and other time consuming aspects of getting you started.

You simply purchase our New Starter Package for $65.99 and you can add new users, numbers, and devices any time you like. We will will bill you for what ever you add when you decide to add it.

If you already have an established phone number, you can keep it. We do it all the time! We will handle switching your number over and you will have no down time.

Keep Your Current Number!


Number Porting

If you already have an established business number. Keep it!  Porting it over to 9dash9 is a snap! We will give you temporary numbers to forward over to while we do the port over.

Fill out the easy Questionnaire so that we have all the details we need to get you started.

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Wait for your Welcome Letter. We will Email you your credentials once one of our Deployment Gurus adds all your information and tailors your setup.


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Take a quick view at how easy it is to: ADD USERS, ADD A NUMBER, CREATE A GROUP, CHANGE YOUR GREETING

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